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19 Sep

Learn about SQL Server Core 2016 Free Online Course

This Tutorial will start with the basics of the SQL Server database such as how to create database tables, and how to retrieve and manipulate the data. Then we will move to the more advanced concepts of SQL such as how to create a login and back up a database, assign permissions, triggers, functions, stored procedures, etc. Each topic is explained by using real-time examples for easy understanding. This tutorial is designed for beginners as well as professional developers who want to learn SQL Server step by step from the...

24 Dec

How to Become a Cloud Engineer: A Comprehensive Guide UTDallas

Most cloud computing environments are made up of shared and virtualized resources. Additionally, cloud resources are theoretically open to more attacks since the services are available over the internet instead of behind a company’s firewall. Today’s cybersecurity professionals need to employ unique strategies and keep up with the latest trends to keep their company’s assets safe. While applying for cloud engineer jobs, keep in mind that a cloud computing engineer can divert to various career paths like front/back end developer, cloud developer, etc. They provide a practical understanding of...

15 Mar

17 Best Online Jobs From Home To Make $1,000+ A Month

Another important note about data entry positions, most probably you will be offered to sign a contract with the company (which is good for protection of the both sides). Online giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing have thousands of algorithms to define the search results, but they still need a human evaluation of the quality of their search results. Algorithms are not ideal from the beginning, also there so many site owners who try to guess how the algorithms work and to manipulate the search results. So manual testing and rechecking...

16 Dec

ASP NET for Experienced Developers Specialization Board Infinity

For applications where performance and response time are critical, MVC’s Stateless Model and absence of ViewState can offer advantages. ASP.NET boasts a range of features that enhance web development. These include Integrated Security, which simplifies authentication and authorization, and State Management, which how to become a .net mvc developer helps in maintaining user data across requests. This article breaks down their key differences, use cases, and how to choose the right framework for your project. Ideal for developers seeking clarity in their web development journey. We follow up on the...

25 Nov

The Realities of Remote Work

Paulyne is a hybrid work specialist, who writes about sustainability, flexible work models and employee experience. Adding a tool into your IT stack that tracks event logs across user profiles and devices is also a good idea for security purposes. This doesn’t mean tracking every move that your employees make, because that is unnecessary and can quickly infringe on privacy. However, this does mean keeping track of what devices users have, what networks they access company resources from, and more. It’s no secret that allowing remote work brings new challenges...

5 Nov

Top 11 NET Developer Certifications

The .NET Fundamentals certification exam takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. To obtain the certification, individuals must pass the exam with a score of 700 or higher out of 1000 points. This article provides an overview of the best .NET developer certifications available, including information on requirements, costs, and potential career opportunities. This course content is very informative and the trainer's expertise helped me learn about the challenges involved in implementation. Beginners can quickly get familiar with ASP.NET Core as it is a user-friendly...