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Software development

15 Nov

Is It Profitable To Make An IPhone App

Although, on both Google Play and the App Store, this counts as an in-app purchase as the user isn’t paying to download the app. Here is a look at six app monetization models you can use to generate app revenue. The iphone app development next step in the app development process is to start building it. The first is to go through the whole process of creating wireframes, graphical interfaces, and testing the front and back end processes yourself. The article was particularly meaningful to me, as it brought memories...

6 Jul

Top-down Testing And Bottom-up Testing

Once Unit testing is over and you integrate separate modules to form a complete system, Integration testing comes into the picture. It follows certain specifications to examine the interaction and behavior of different modules as they come together to build a system. There are also some authorities who does not think it brings benefit more than it costs. In interactive applications, the first logic tested is usually screen navigation. First, the logic for interactive processing is exhaustively exercised by the time all code and testing is complete. Second, users can see, at an...